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Starting a nonprofit or church

Starting a nonprofit or church

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Accounting services specifically for Nonprofits

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Coaching and Compliance

Coaching and Compliance

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For churches,and Non Profit Organizations accurately tracking the finances is the most important part of ministry it’s also the most confusing. Proverbs 24:3 Accounting Services understands first hand that finance management is the corner stone to a successful ministry.  Our accounting services are focused on meeting the accounting needs of churches and  ministries of all sizes.

Accounting Solutions specific for your Church or Non Profit Organization

Accounts Payable

Our accounting services makes managing paying your bills quick and easy.

Bank Reconciliations

Proverbs 24:3 will handle the monthly bank reconciliation for you assuring accuracy and providing peace of mind to your organization.


When your ministry becomes an employer an entirely new set of complexities emerge.  Let our team of experts provide the knowledge and expertise required to maintain compliance, and make your job easier.

Financial Statements & Reports

You’re a pastor not an accountant.  Let our team of experts help you navigate the world of  Financial Reports so you have the info you need to make important decisions.


Let us help you streamline and manage your ministry by focusing and managing the budget.  Without a plan, you will have no way of knowing where you’re going.

Fund Accounting

Managing your organizations accounts is a full time job.  Let us help you streamline and simplify your account structure helping you keep track of all your organizations assets.

Cloud Based & Secure

 We use cloud based services to provide accounting services to churches.  We work with your organization and existing  to select the best cloud based accounting software for your specific needs.  These services also give us the capability to train our clients as well provide oversight;

Non Profit and Church  Finance Expertise

Our team has years of experience working with churches and we know what it takes. We also are up to date and current with tax laws, and how these laws affect churches, ministries and ministers.

  We provide our wealth of knowledge to your ministry so you can rest assured everything is above reproach and compliant.

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