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Fraugd in the church

Fraud in the Church.
Fraud in the church is sad, not only is it a crime, it hurts the church, its members and its mission. Fraud usually happens after the taking up of offerings and before the deposit is made. 99% of the time it happens with cash that is donated, and not put into an envelope with the donor’s name.
I know firsthand that being a pastor not only we responsible for the spiritual wellbeing we are also responsible for the administrative side of the church. Finances is part of doing ministry, we must all come to this realization. And with this realization we must have policies and procedures in place to help detect and prevent fraud and theft in the church that we are leading.
Churches are places of trust. The church trust the pastor, the pastor trust his staff, when this trust is broken, they entire church is broken.
Here some helpful tips…