Our oversight services are designed with nonprofits in mind.We review your bookkeeping weekly ensuring that your record keeping are accurate and in order.

Service and benefits
We review the organizations books weekly ensuring accurate record keeping
We review organization’s financial statements and other official financial information provided to the public
Distribution of financial statements
Reviews the annual information returns (IRS Form 990, related schedules, and forms) and recommends it for approval, signature, and submission by the appropriate officer; the audit committee also transmits the returns to the board for its review before signing and submitting it; the audit committee engages (on the board’s behalf) and interacts with the independent auditor or auditing firm; many audit firms also prepare the federal and state tax returns for their not-for-profit audit clients
Oversees the preparation of the annual budget and financial statements; the finance committee ensures that budgets and interim financial statements are prepared
Oversees the administration, collection, and disbursement of the organization’s financial resources, in addition to the related policies and procedures
Advises the board with respect to making significant financial decisions, such as correcting or restructuring the organization’s books and accounting procedures when fiscal problems arise
Reduce the risk of fraud
Reduce the risk of theft