Oversight and Compliance

Financial Audits

An examination in accordance with International Standards on Auditing, of the assertions management has made on its financial statements resulting in an opinion that provides reasonable assurance on whether those statements are fairly stated in accordance with IRS and GAAP standards or other appropriate financial framework.

Financial Reviews

A review, in accordance with IRS and GAAP guidelines, of an organization’s financial statement comprised of analytical review procedures and inquiries resulting in a report that provides moderate assurance on whether those financial statements are prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards or other appropriate financial reporting framework.

Financial Inspections

An inspection in accordance with standards developed by the IRS, of an organization’s financial activities resulting in a report related to a set of agreed-upon procedures and supplemented by a letter of recommendations with corrective actions based on findings related to the agreed-upon procedures performed.

Policy Compliance Testing

An in depth audit of current policies and procedures as recommended by the IRS, GAPP and other accounting standards. After a review of initial audit recommendations are presented to meet standards and best practices for religious organizations to maintain tax exempt status and meet all Federal, state and local compliances for religious and nonprofit organizations.

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