As your Trusted Church Business Administrators we work closely with the church’s treasurer, accountant and other staff to ensure the church properly uses funds and meets financial obligations.We help by overseeing payroll and keeps records of employee benefits, insurance and vacation time. They prepare and implement the church’s budget and help prepare financial statements. In addition, they track and record church income from donations and sales, deposit funds into church accounts, pay bills and maintain sufficient cash flow for the church. Administrators also ensure that tax documents are prepared and filed on time.

Budgeting Process Churches have limited resources so need a structured budgeting process to identify expenditure requirements and prioritization of church spending. A budget provides the necessary resources for day-to-day operations, church programs and the unexpected building or campus repairs. In addition, saving for the new building or land acquisition is also an important part of the budgeting process.

 Managing Performance  Whether it is church employees, volunteers or a sub-committee of the board – completing goals, as written, on time is crucial to a church’s ability to achieve it mission.

 Legal and Risk Management  Whether a church has a congregation of 100 or 10,000, effective church management is important to ensuring good stewardship of the resources God supplies.  Setting the direction by developing strategy, goal development and strong performance can go a long way in helping a church achieve all that God has called it to.

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