Compliance Services

Incorporating with the IRS and the State is just the beginning for churches and nonprofit organizations. Tax Payroll, accounting and general compliance factors are a big challenge for many small to medium size churches. The laws that govern and regulate  churches are constantly changing, and many smaller churches simply do not have enough qualified, experienced personal with the expertise to navigate through these tax and compliance issues. This can lead to audits, a lack of accountability, left, and in the worst case a nonprofit losing their exemption.

 Our firm is updated daily on any changes on any changes and how they affect churches and non profits

We offer time-based consulting services to new and existing nonprofit organizations. Our expert consultants are here to provide you counsel and advice in the following areas:

State and federal 501(c)(3) compliance

Board and governance issues

Human Resources

Fundraising compliance

Volunteer recruitment and management

Tax filing requirements

By Laws

Human Resources





If your organization could benefit from a consultation please feel free to contact us today.


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