About Us

 Proverbs 24:3 Consulting exist to help churches maintain IRS and GAAP guidelines and to provide an extra layer of oversight and accountability.


We have found that the majority of churches are doing what they were taught correctly, however what they were taught is not correct or is missing important procedures and policies that can hurt the church. By not having the correct policies and procedures in place churches are susceptible to fraud, left and in the worst case are putting their tax-exempt status at risk.  Many smaller churches do not have the expertise, experience or resources to effectively or efficiently manage their accounting duties, or do completely understand the compliance issues that govern churches. Because of this we have set out to make sure that we offer these services to the small to medium sized churches at a rate they can afford.

How we got started.

We basically got started by accident. Michael was talking with a friend of his who was starting a church. It was during this conversation that Michael started to make suggestions on the best accounting methods, practices, policies and procedures. To his surprise this friend had no idea that what he was doing or wanted to do was not accurate and left his church open to theft and fraud.  Upon hearing and following these suggestions, he then stated “Mike, you could really help out a lot of churches with what you know”.  It was after this conversation with this pastor, and subsequently others in the area that Michael realized that there was a need for his church accounting experience and knowledge.