Best accounting software for churches

It has been almost five years since Proverbs 24:3 Consulting was formed and open for business. Prior to that I was a pastor of a small church, and while holding that office we often faced the challenge of finding the right software to not only manage our church, its members, donations and contributions, but also all of the accounting that was involved in the church. During the time we spend researching accounting software for churches we found ChurchTrac, Aplos NonProfit Accounting and Quickbooks for Nonprofits. While all of these accounting programs have its good points and bad points, the one we chose was Aplos NonProfit accounting Software . 

The reason for this is that it had all the features that we were looking for, accounts payable, accounts receivable as well as donor management, it also had the reports we were looking for .

The runner up was QuickBooks online for NonProfits  .

QuickBooks for Nonprofits is packed full of features, and the only reason that we choose not to use this program was that setting up the different funds. I am not saying that it could, or can not be done, what I am saying is that for the ” non accounting professional, it can be a bit on the confusing side.

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